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Celebrate What Makes You, You

Date: March 30, 2015

On Friday night my teenage daughter walked into my room and said sadly, “All of my friends are hanging out together and I wish I was with them at this party.” Although I pretty much knew the answer, I asked:


Me:      Why did you decide not to go if all of your friends were hanging out?
Her:     Although I want to be there with my friends, I don’t have that much fun in larger groups.
Me:      You know you are quieter and like to be with a few good friends rather than a big group.
Her:     I know, but I wish I didn’t. I wish I was more outgoing and would not feel left out in those environments.

After a few minutes of fatherly advice (which I am sure barely registered) about how it was so amazing that at 13 she knew who she was and what made her happy, she slinked out of the room with her eyes glued to her phone.

It made me think about how many people feel like my daughter and wish they could show up and experience the world differently. Yet all of us bring such different perspectives and energies to the world.  Each unique perspective enhances the overall collective energy of the world.

We embrace and encourage those unique perspectives at PaySimple as well. When you enter our office there is a big quote painted on the wall that states, “Bring your passion, bring your love, bring the energy that makes you, you.”  More than anything else we want everyone who enters the space to feel comfortable enough to just be who they are and bring their unique perspective to our collective energy.

I know it is hard for a 13-year-old to not see her uniqueness as special and instead lament what she is not.  Unfortunately, many live their entire lives wishing they were someone else or had attributes that they just don’t have.  However, it is the diversity of thought, energy and perspectives that help all of us learn, grow and create at a level that any type of filtered or group thought can never achieve.  So celebrate who you are and the unique perspective that you bring to the world.

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