Streamline Billing

  • Recurring Billing

    If your business has customers with recurring payments, then auto-pay is one of the most convenient services you can offer them.

    Customers can pay by debit card, credit card or echeck, and pay on an automatic schedule that you set. It even sends automatic payment reminders and receipts.

    Recurring Billing saves business owners and administrators over 30 hours per month, and even saves them money on legacy invoicing or billing costs.

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  • Electronic Invoicing

    Paper invoicing is a thing of the past. Send electronic invoices with the speed of email and customers can pay you with the speed of an online payment. Resend invoices with a few clicks of a mouse.

    Track sent, unpaid, overdue and paid invoices with ease, and all invoices are automatically attached to a client record for easy reporting and customer service.

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  • Customer Notifications

    Up to 50% of business owners admit to forgetting to follow-up on an unpaid invoice. Imagine if you could follow-up with a few clicks with a pre-made template?

    Customizable, automated communications are not only critical for saving time, but they provide excellent customer service in the process.

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