Getting paid requires more than just swiping credit cards

Accept Payments

Accept customers' preferred payment form...

In the way they prefer to pay:

Accept Credit Cards

Consumers are Changing How They Pay
*BillTrust Consumer Payment Study

  • Auto-Pay or Paper Check
    Auto-Pay or Paper Check
  • Business's Website
    Business's Website
  • Bank Website
    Bank Website
  • In Person
    In Person
  • Over the Phone
    Over the Phone
  • Mobile Device
    Mobile Device

Streamline How You Bill

Billing & Invoicing Automation - The easiest way to save time

Recurring Billing

Set up auto-pay for your customers via credit/debit card or echeck. Payment received, receipt sent. Easy.

Electronic Invoicing

Invoice is sent, clicked, paid, and deposited – and it's all recorded for easy lookup and reporting.

Smart Reporting

Spend less time matching up payments with customer records. Let PaySimple do it for you (in real-time)!

Customer Communication

Receipts, overdue notices, and failed payment notifications send automatically. Effortless.

Keep Client Information Organized & Secure

Secure Information Management (think Mini-CRM)

  • Never have to ask for payment information twice
  • Set up custom fields to track pertinent information specific to your business
  • Receive proactive notices of expiring credit cards
  • Organize every payment, invoice, and communication by customer – automatically
  • Access your customer database securely from your mobile device

Data Entry Saver

  • Import/Export feature enables an easy transition from your current system
  • Collaborate with other business applications

Service Customers from Anywhere

More the mobile payments

More than mobile payments, it's the run-your-business app

Accept Mobile Payments

Accept credit cards and echecks on your iPhone or iPad.

Seamless Sync

Consider the web-based software and PaySimple Mobile App as two extensions of the same system – one is always in sync with the other

FREE Mobile Credit Card Reader

Swipe any debit or credit card. Get crazy low 2.39% rates.

Run Your Business On-the-go

Check on incoming payment statuses, look up client information, view deposit summaries, set up billing schedules on your mobile device.

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