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Online Payment Processing Leader Launches Small Business Resource Center

PaySimple's Growth Center Provides Resources to Help Small Business Owners Start, Manage, and Grow Successful Businesses

DENVER, CO – January 28, 2009 - PaySimple, the leading provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) on-demand electronic payment solutions for small businesses, today announced the launch of a new online small business resource center.

In today’s demanding, business climate, small business owners have very little time to collect and research information spread throughout a variety of sources. The Small Business Growth Center helps small business owners find information and business tools quickly and effortlessly by creating and compiling some of the best resources available on the web. Available to customers and non-customers alike, the resource center includes:

  • Small Business Tools – Free, interactive tools available to help assess core metrics of business, including finding cost leaks and discovering money-saving tactics. Many tools available on the web are generic or designed for large businesses. These tools and calculators were created by PaySimple specifically for small business use.
  • Newsletter – A quarterly newsletter pointing small business owners to free resources and tools to make their lives easier. This is available free to anyone wishing to subscribe.
  • Tip of the Week – Tips delivered in an easily digestible, actionable-sized manner. Also available through a RSS feed or iGoogle widget for added convenience.
  • Small Business Dictionary – An on-going aggregation of definitions of common and industry-specific business terms.
  • Helpful Information on Electronic Payments – Collection of information to put order to payment processing information that may be outdated, fragmented, or incorrect.

“PaySimple has made a significant investment in providing resources specifically designed to help small business owners increase the productivity and efficiency of their day-to-day efforts,” said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. “The result is an entirely new site segment that provides business owners an engaging, customizable, and proactive way to analyze and grow their current operations.”

With over 25 million small businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration, PaySimple is releasing this Growth Center to accompany their Learning and Support Center and blog—to connect business owners with in-depth and valuable tools and tips. The Small Business Growth Center is evidence that PaySimple is committed to helping small business owners succeed by not only providing efficient, easy-to-use electronic payment processing solutions that simplify their lives, but also by providing valuable content and comprehensive information to help them better manage their businesses.

To interact with the Growth Center, visit http://www.paysimple.com/small-business-resource/index.html.

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Merchants and businesses interested in additional information can contact the PaySimple Sales and Business Development team at 800.466.0992.

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