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Information Management

Online system to keep customer information organized, secure, and easily accessible

Collect customer information once
and you're done

  • Never have to ask for payment information twice
  • Software securely stores payment info for convenient repeat business
  • Customers will love how quickly you can pull up their history, answer questions, and complete a transaction

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Ultimate Guide eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Financial Management

PaySimple and Funding Gates teamed up to compile a much-needed weapon for your small business’ arsenal.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain financial awareness through cash flow forecasting
  • How to discover more revenue in your existing customer base
  • The 5 easiest ways to shrink your business spending
  • How to ace accounts payable and receivables management
  • The smartest investments for your business

Easily search client records

  • Start typing and see matching customers appear
  • Payment, invoice, and activity history is all in one place
  • Streamline billing and organize your business

Customize the software to your business

  • Add custom fields to be available in each customer record
  • You can edit and report on custom fields
  • All fields available for invoicing and online payment forms

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